OZiva Plant Based Biotin. 10,000

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  • OZiva Plant Based BIOTIN is India’s First Wholefood Biotin extracted from 100% Natural Sesbania Agati leaves.
  • Provides 10000+ mcg BIOTIN to support healthy Hair, Skin and Nails.
  • Biotin is additionally used to improve Immunity, Stamina, Glucose Intolerance, Energy Metabolism, Healthy Blood cells, Active Lifestyle, Neural health, etc.
  • Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non GMO, No Artificial sweeteners, 0g Sugar
  • Free Personalized Diet Consultation for Customers
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Why is it Must Have

OZiva Biotin is a mix of Plant Extracts which support Healthy, Nourished Hair, Skin and full body Radiance so you can look and feel amazing every day.

Why choose OZiva Biotin?
  • Unlike other biotin products in the market that use synthetic isolates created wholly in a lab from industrial chemicals and solvents, OZiva exclusively uses Natural, Plant-Based source of biotin i.e. Sesbania Extract standardized to 0.5% Biotin.
  • OZiva provides BIOTIN in powder form which when taken with water is easily soluble and readily absorbed by the cells.
  • OZiva uses no fillers, additives or preservatives in the product making the product safer for long term use.

1 review for OZiva Plant Based Biotin. 10,000

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