Compared to advertising in traditional media such as print and TV where budget requirements are huge and there is considerable spillage of media and there is limited monitoring, a search campaign can be tailored exactly to reach out to the right target market with a optimised budget and utmost accountability.

With old-media advertising, you'd pay whether or not a person even saw your ad in the magazine. We are transparent and work as a partner to determine the correct course of action and goals. And, with our team, you will be confident we are testing to find the ads that do the best, comparing the performers to non-performers, measuring return, and growing your business based on data.

Smart ad copy + laser focussed landing pages + right audience = Conversions!
  • Certified Account Managers
    • to ensure proper campaign strategy and implementation
  • Daily optimization & campaign expansion
    • for continued growth (includes in-depth industry research & keyword expansion)
  • Advanced bidding strategies
    • customized by search engine
  • Proper landing page and ad copy testing & implementation
    • for greater conversions

With PPC you can know which search campaigns are attracting visitors. Which visitors from what keywords are driving highly qualified leads. Which campaigns or keywords are adding to the bottom line. You can know which messages are performing better than others.