How much are top search rankings in Google worth for my business? Can I really afford to miss out on people who are searching exactly for products and services I am offering? How big is this opportunity?

To take this questioning a step further.

Am I capturing the right keywords for your business? What is the current traffic to website? Where does this traffic come from? Does that traffic convert? How can I increase my reach and engage the right customers? How can I beat my competitors?

No matter what your questions, Spott One can assist you in creating the right SEO strategy for your business. Not all companies can get top 10 listings, in same way, not all SEO strategies are the same. The difference is choosing the right SEO company.

SEO Company Credentials:

  • Our Founder and CEO runs the Nevil Darukhanawala School of SEO. He has trained over 200 professionals, conducted seminars on advanced SEO, written hundreds of SEO articles, and has a popular series of SEO Training Videos on YouTube. Go ahead Google him.

  • We have expertise across diverse industries like real estate, education, health, insurance, automobile, technology, travel and tourism, medical etc.

  • We have built strong relationships with the right authoritative bloggers and websites owners over the years. These relationships are key to your SEO success.

  • We use advanced SEO tools to analyze information and use that intelligence to get you closer to your goals. We also allow clients access to some reporting tools Eg. Clients can check their search rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing on a daily basis, analyse history and see graphs.

  • We have worked closely with hundreds of brands, e-commerce sites, and portals.
An Important Note on Link Building and Prospecting

Over the last year we have seen a lot of changes in Google with respect to link building.

Methods that can invite penalty:

Methods used previously like mass generic directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking, PR submissions, social profile creation with nill participation, forum postings, and other forms of link wheels, paid links etc can get your website into trouble.

If you are lucky you will only loose rankings, but if you are unlucky then you can get penalized. Getting out of a Google penalty is a time consuming process which can take months, and the damage to your website, brand, business and reputation is irrecoverable.

Many website owners see their competitors ranking high using all the wrong methods and feel there is no risk, but how long do you feel you (or your competitor) can outsmart Google. Google is committed to removing all spam links, low value content pages from their index and we see them get better at it each day.

Even if your past SEO has build bad, low value or mass links then the first step is to clean up the link profile. Google especially created the Disavow tool in Webmaster tools to help website owners/ SEO clean-up bad quality links from their link profile.

There have been many cases where companies have built negative and bad links to their competitor websites. While Google cannot still identify such malpractices, the site owner can use the Disawov tool to ensure their link profile is always clean.
Client Testimonials
"We started working with Spott One on a 6 months project with the sole aim to increase in-organic search traffic for our retail insurance website. We found them to be extremely capable, diligent and forthcoming with new ideas and activities to ensure we reached the desired state. At the end of the project, we have successfully optimised our website, creating blog content, build quality links and are listed on key search engines for a majority of our keywords. We have just renewed our contract for a year to continue the good work done!"

Marketing & Communications, RSA
"We are an online theatre ticket agency specialising in discount London theatre tickets. We have been working with Nevil and his team for the past 1 year. With the search market changing rapidly, Nevil has shown a depth of understanding second to none. His approach is one of teamwork, of understanding the client's expectations and giving an honest and realistic assessment of what can be achieved through good SEO practice and a certain amount of patience."

Francis Hellyer
"Kudos to you and to your team! Many other companies out there promise, promise, promise, but you and your team DELIVER! In the few months we have been working, I can already see the increase in traffic on my site as well as the positioning on all the major search engines. Working with you and your team is like having an in-house team, which very little supervision is required."

Scott Medina,
Owner La Costa Destinations International Realty
"In Spott One we have found an exceptionally bright team led capably by their CEO Nevil Darukhanawala. They take ownership of their efforts and see to it that the results are to the benefit for their client. Their efforts have resulted in a strong surge in our online booking requests in a short time!"

Owner (Avis Oman & Zahara Tours)
Why do you need to have an SEO Strategy?

What comes to your mind when you think of SEO; Is it link building, Meta tagging, keywords discovery, higher traffic & conversions, social bookmarking, making money online, social media, Twitter, reputation management, guest blog submissions, Google, optimization of pages, blogging , Pintrest .

While the SEO process includes all the elements mentioned above and more, what's missing in this puzzle is how they all come together as a "focused strategy" to ensure the success of your online business.
The Right SEO Strategy

Does your SEO strategy make common sense? If not, it's nonsense.

Is it consistent and immediate?

Is it delivering "constant value" for the users?

Can your SEO strategy be sustained over the lifetime of your business?

Does it reflect the values and ethics of your organization?

Can it be easily replicated by your competitors?

Search Engine Optimization Strategy Guide for Google
  • One of the most
    effective forms of marketing
    • Be available to the consumer when he needs your product or service and is looking for a company like yours
  • One of the most
    effective forms of marketing
    • Be available to the consumer when he needs your product or service and is looking for a company like yours
  • One of the most
    effective forms of marketing
    • Be available to the consumer when he needs your product or service and is looking for a company like yours
Why is
Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
a necessity today?

There are hundreds of searches happening each day for products or services that you are offering.

Currently when your potential customers are searching for you, they cannot find you and the business goes to those websites that are ranking in the top 10 or page 1 of search results.

We can help drive this business to you!

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